N Scale Convention Awards


 Dane Parker Memorial Perpetual Shield (first presented in 1991)

 Dane Parker was a member of the Sydney N Scale Model Railway Club. He and two others initiated the inaugural National N Scale Convention which was held Sydney in May 1989. Dane was an avid promoter of N scale and operated a mail-order business trading as American-N. Dane never made it to the second N ScaleConvention, which was held in Melbourne in March 1991, as he died of a heart attack in December 1989.  The organising committee of the Melbourne N Scale Convention created the award as recognition of his contribution to the hobby of model railroading in Australia

 The Dane Parker Memorial Perpetual Shield award is given to a ‘person’ or ‘thing’ regarded as an outstanding contribution to N Scale that is present at the Convention.

 The nominations are by vote of the attendees at the N Scale Convention.  A voting form will be included in each delegate’s convention bag.

Brian  Dwyer  Memorial Trophy (first presented in 2001)

 Brian Dwyer was a foundation member of the New South Wales N Scale Group and their Newsletter Editor for a term.  He was the backbone of the Group and it was his visions in the main that made the Group so successful.  His vision for a NSW outline layout came to fruition with the launching of ‘Illabo’, based on the southern NSW town near Junee.  Brian had brilliant organizing skills and was appointed by the Group as Convention Secretary for the 1999 National N Scale Convention held in Sydney.  Brian died of a heart attack in March 2001.  

 The Brian Dwyer Memorial Trophy for ‘Best in Show’ is awarded by the competition judges to the most outstanding model in the model competitions

People’s Choice (first presented in 2003)

 The People’s Choice award is given in recognition of excellence in the hobby and to acknowledge the support given to a Convention by the traders and exhibitors who are present during that Convention. 

 The award is given to the best ‘trade stand’ or ‘layout’ regarded as showing innovation and imagination.

 The nominations are by vote of the attendees at the N Scale Convention.  A voting form will be included in each delegate’s convention bag.


Jim Anderson Trophy (first presented in 2005)

 Jim Anderson of Perth is a modeller of Australian prototype; in particular the railways of the Pilbara region of northern Western Australia. Jim is a regular attendee at the N Scale Conventions. Jim donated the award to support the Conventions and his fellow N scalers modelling Australian outline.

 The Jim Anderson Trophy for Australian Prototype Rolling Stock is presented for the best model of Australian prototype rolling stock (scratch-built or kit-bashed). The winner is selected by the competition judges from among the entries in the rolling stock categories.


Jim Blaney Memorial Trophy - Young Modeller Encouragement Award

Jim Blaney was a member of the Victorian N Scale Collective and was an exceptional modeller. In recognition of Jim’s modelling skills, the Collective have created this award to encourage young modellers.

This award will be presented for Meritorious Achievement in Modelling

The award could be presented tothe modeller of any item that is on display either at the convention site, or on one of the layouts visited during the convention.

The winning item does not need to have been entered in the Model Competition, nor be related to any specific prototype.

The winning entry does not need to be judged the best model, but one that is of sufficient merit, given the age of the modeller, to deserve particular recognition


The Jim Blaney Award will be awarded by the Organising Committee, with assistance from the Model Competition judges..

 This award will be offered for the first time at the 2011 Convention, so there is no picture available at present.