Photo Gallery

Prize winning entries in the Model Competition at the 11th National N Scale Convention
held in Canberra in October 2009

Locomotive 1948 by Pete Boorman

3 Pacific National Locomotives by Colin Bolin

Freight Australia 402 Diesel - Locomotive RTR Modified   by Michael Holdsworth (Aged 9)

VR QS2 Special Load Wagon - Rolling Stock Scratchbuilt - by Greg Sadler
1st Place and awarded the Jim Anderson Trophy



Lismore Station - Structure/Non Rail Vehicle Scratchbuilt

1st Place and awarded the Brian Dwyer Memorial Plate  -   Graeme Goodsell





Ross Balderson's Central Station was on display and operating during the 11th Convention held in Canberra in Oct 2009

Ross was awarded the Dane Parker Memorial Perpetual Shield for his outstanding contribution to the hobby.